The company also has new information material ready, as well as the new HUG collection

According to the Telegraph, the number of centenarians is projected to rise nearly six-fold, from 14,000 in 2014 to 83,000 in 2039.

Ponte Giulio – decades helping those in need

Ponte Giulio - helping you ensure your bathroom meets safety requirements

Mineral Composite has been chosen by our design experts as the material of choice for our latest collection launch, HUG.

Ponte Giulio’s domestic sales manager Adriano Scutigliani reflects on the company’s successful launch of its new HUG furnishing system at Cersaie 2017

We have created an innovative furnishing system with the desire to share values linked to the intimate side and care of oneself and the others.

Ponte Giulio’s new furnishing system, "hug", has received a great response from retailers and industry professionals.

Ponte Giulio introduces its new ‘HUG’ collection at top Bologna exhibition

See the bathroom space through new eyes

Effective prevention from bacteria and mould proliferation

A life-long dedication to solutions that make bathroom environments accessible to all

Ponte Giulio contributes to the development of Ambient Assisted Living (AAL), thanks to its participation in the Mo.Di.Pro project.

The Prestigio+ range has been developed by the in-house laboratory D_sign lab in order to offer elegant grab rails.

Solutions to enable a safe installation of items on stud-walls

Domestic accidents can involve people of any age. But, elderly people in particular are the most vulnerable to the consequences of an accident, as injuries to the body can be more serious in old age.

Ponte Giulio offer bathroom safety solutions for both newly built and refurbished homes

Much-loved Italian inclusive designer Ponte Giulio has updated its UK website to enhance user experience with new icons aimed at identifying private end-users, architects, fitters and healthcare professionals.

Any style of accommodation can have barrier-free bathrooms thanks to Ponte Giulio

BIM helps Ponte Giulio to manage all information regarding a products’ life and enables our clients to effectively plan for the future

Grab rails, seats and accessories suitable for every age and ability

Leading Italian bathroom solutions manufacturer Ponte Giulio’s UK HQ has detailed its marketing strategy for 2017, revealing plans for future collaborations with architects.

Ponte Giulio has just renewed its web image and is soon starting a new communication plan